Public institution Mother Teresa's Family Home

Dalia Grybauskaitė ir Regina ZabielienėEleven years have passed from the time when an idea and wish to provide temporary accommodation and care services in Šiauliai in case of crisis motherhood/fatherhood was born. From my personal experience I can testify that the aspired goal is always achieved if it coincides with the God’s will. Everything comes in time, when we are spiritually and physically ready. The present motto of our Family Home Let’s take care of children by supporting families evolved gradually and is the best reflection of our values. I believe in our community that was created and is still under creation and its efforts by attending a life school, where we daily have to restore hope when witnessing ignorance to your close people. I believe that everyone here is learning to tackle problems together, to defeat selfishness, egos, and pride by humility.  That everyone here has an opportunity to learn gratitude, generosity. That everyone of us is awarded with an opportunity to open hearts wider to God’s kindness, that parents’ hearts would be filled with love when raising their children.