Public institution Mother Teresa's Family Home


Public institution Mother Teresa’s Family Home (Lith. Motinos Teresės šeimų namai) – Family Home was founded on 10 May 2012 by the Charity and Support Foundation The Mountain of Hope (Lith. Vilties kalnas) (Foundation).

We provide help to those who need it most – individuals and families, in which at least one parent or both parents grew up in orphanages, have disabilities, low incomes, and sometimes belong to social risk groups.

The Family Home is continuing the activities launched by the Foundation. Back in 2005, the Foundation started voluntary activities under the project Let’s take care of children by supporting families (Lith. Globokime vaikus, padėdami šeimai). In 2008, Responsible Parenting School (Lith. Atsakingos tėvystės ugdymo mokyklėlė) was founded. From the very start of its activities, the Foundation had a vision and an idea to establish an institution in Šiauliai to provide stationary care services to mothers with babies, which was fulfilled by establishing the Family Home.




To become an institution with safe, healthy, cultured and spiritual environment created for families, children and youth suffering from crisis and hardships: by uniting learning and supportive community to promote its members to be responsible, independent, active and creative.

To develop quality package individual and group services meeting the actual needs of the members of the Family Home communities by promoting their independent and dignified life in society.

1. To provide quality package help to families, children and youth suffering from hardships.
2. To carry out crisis situation prevention trying to teach Family Home community members to tackle problems before crises arise.
3. To propagate family, compassionate and Christian values.


Šeimų Namų direktorė Regina Zabielienė

Regina Zabielienė


“We receive by giving, we get richer by sharing love”

Viena iš Fondo steigėjų Edita Gulbinienė

Edita Gulbinienė

One of establishers of Fund of Charity and Support “Vilties kalnas”

“Sharing is real happiness”

Šeimų Namų komanda

Family Home team

Workers, volunteers